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Chelsea. 14. California. Indonesian. Adventist. :) #FollowMe




Show us how to raise up the temperature in less than thirty seconds. (x)

does anyone else notice HARRY RUBBING HIS NIPPLES?!…cuz i sure did

Just for that comment^

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Titanium By David Guetta ft. Sia (Cover)

A cover my sister and I did! :) I’m on the right and my sister is on the left.

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#Titanium Cover David Guetta ft Sia 
Livin’ my life. :)

Livin’ my life. :)

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Lee Min Ho. This guy be sexy. Yum.

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#LeeMinHo Sexy ILoveHim Korean BOF 
X Factor.

The boy band the judges formed. Hahaha They’re too cute ^__^

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“‘Cause all I need is a Beauty and a Beat…”

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